Back in 2014, the Wellington Vampire Society and the Lower Hutt Vampires and Witches Club granted safe passage for a documentary crew to film a small group of its members. The result was What We Do in The Shadows.

Earlier this year, Wellington-based film-making outfit Second Unit Productions attended a meeting of this secretive society. Protected by crucifixes and a single mortal sacrifice, the film crew escaped with what they came for: permission to film again.

Filming runs on the Wellington Waterfront set until 30 June. But there's a hitch ... Second Unit Productions still needs hundreds of warm-blooded bodies to complete the shoot. And that's where you come in. No previous experience is required – all you need is a pulse!

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Your experience on the Second Unit film set will be unique to you and your friends.You can immerse yourself in the world as little or as much as you like. Whether you are comfortable in the spotlight, or prefer to watch and wait, Second Unit is a night out that you can tailor to your liking – with a little help from the cast and crew on the night.

Once you've purchased your ticket and secured your access to the film set, Second Unit Productions will include all the information you will need for your time on set at the bottom of your ticket receipt.

"pay attention to everything, interact with everyone and explore everywhere!! you will not be disappointed! the more you do the more fun you will definitely have!!!"

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Before you arrive it is essential that you are inducted properly into the Second Unit Production protocol and are caught up on all the unholy paperwork before stepping foot on set.

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Be sure to check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions provides all the answers to those burning questions you might have.