Welcome Human

1 Taranaki St, Wellington Waterfront

Kia ora comrade,

First up, good on you for sticking your hand up to help us finally get this film over the finish line once and for all. Welcome to the Second Unit whānau.

You probably already know what you’ve got yourself in for, but if you’re the only person left in Wellington who hasn’t seen What We Do In The Shadows, I suggest you watch it ASAP so you get a handle on who we’re dealing with here. Our employer is rightfully aggrieved at how they were portrayed in that doco, so our job is to set the record straight and get their side of the story out there, with your help. Two sides to every story and all that.

Look, Wellington’s a small place and you’ve probably heard the rumours floating around about how the proverbial’s been hitting the fan on this production. I’m not going to sugarcoat it – Second Unit films always tend to fly by the seat of our pants a bit, but yeah, this one’s a doozy. It’s nobody’s fault, really. It’s more like, film crews are a certain breed of person, and the Undead are a different breed of person, and so there can be a bit of friction, that’s all. You know how it goes – what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! It’s just, sometimes it kills us.

At the end of the day though, you just make it work. That’s the Second Unit way. And I don’t care what the insurance company says – the only way they’re shutting the film down is over my dead body. I know this all sounds a bit grim, but it’s actually fine. That’s the industry: we moan about it while doing the work we love and it always works out, one way or another. Really, it’s all about putting your stamp on something that’s worth it.

In case this is your first time as an Extra, here are the dos and don’ts:

  • No eyeballing the camera! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a cracker take ruined by Googly Eyes McGee in the background staring into my soul. Look literally anywhere else except the camera, yeah?
  • Hurry up and wait. Basically we need you when we need you, and until then, feel free to look around, check out the process, lend the crew a hand, work on your screenplay.
  • When we do need you, we need you YESTERDAY. Be ready to get moving in 30 seconds flat, like the sun’s about to come out and roast you.
  • Let’s keep the drama on the screen, eh?

Viva la film!

Harry Henson – producer

Harry Henson.png

Fang you for joining the team, if you could please fill out this quick survey or quiz or whatever you want to call it will help us suss out an appropriate character for your experience as an extra.