There's a new normal in Wellington - and it's distinctly paranormal.

Second Unit is a new live event coming to the Wellington Waterfront this June. Experience live-action antics on a chaotic film set inspired by the world of Wellington’s award-winning vampire mockumentary, What We Do In The Shadows.

You and a whole cast of warm-blooded humans are needed for this supernatural misadventure into the world of the film. You’ll be assigned the role of a film extra - and be enlisted to help wrap this film shoot of unholy proportions.
Explore, investigate, party and play in this unusual world - and help the Second Unit crew get through the night before sunrise…

Bites, Camera, Action!
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Secure your tickets

Book your tickets now and secure access to the Second Unit film set for an evening you can really sink your teeth into. Early ticket holders will gain exclusive production crew insight, casting information and some confidential leaks from the production itself.

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Explore the possibilities

Find out all about Second Unit and how you can prepare to get the most out of your experience on set for a bloody good time. (Secret film rooms on site not disclosed.)

Explore the Possibilities

Rally your pack and save

Gather your mates, entertain your pack or get the old coven back together for an otherworldly night out. We have group specials that will appeal to all in the living and undead community.